Pufle's Chameleon Twist for Nintendo 64 is the fourteenth installment of Thomas's Dream Team for Nintendo 64, made by UbiSoftFan94.Edit

Pufle's Chameleon Twist - Poster.

Pufle's Chameleon Twist


  • Pufle as Davy
  • Tootle as Jack
  • Toots as Fred
  • Tracy as Linda


The protagonist of the game is a blue chameleon named Pufle who, upon following a rabbit, Casey Jr, (closely resembling Lewis Carroll's White Rabbit) into a magical hole in the ground, finds he has taken on a humanoid form. The plot involves Pufle and three of his friends, Tootle, Toots, and Tracy, traveling throughout the six lands of the magic portal he enters, in an attempt to find a way back through the portal and back home, following the same rabbit he met before he entered the world.[3]