Casey Jr's Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 64 is the eleventh installment of Thomas's Dream Team for Nintendo 64, made by UbiSoftFan94.Edit

Casey Jr's Bad Fur Day - Poster.

Casey Jr's Bad Fur Day (Credit Goes To TonyGoldWing72)


  • Casey Jr as Conker
  • Toots as Army General
  • Alfred and Montana as Dung Beatles
  • Tootle as Gregg
  • Jebidiah as King Bee
  • Georgia as Queen Bee
  • Melissa as Sunflower
  • The Three Race Cars as Wasps
  • Harry Hogwarts as Paint Pot
  • Little Chug as Paint Brush
  • Horrid Truck as Franky
  • Evil Lightning McQueen as Haybot
  • Sally Carrena as Mrs. Catfish
  • Old Stuck Up as Bulldog fish
  • The Double Ended Engine as Carl/Quintin
  • Casey Jr's Coaches and The Old Coach as the Lady Cogs
  • Toyland Express and Rustee Raisl as the fire imps
  • Rude as the Boiler
  • Evil Train as the Great Mighty Poo
  • Silver Fish as the Panther King
  • Chick Hicks as Professor
  • The Chinese Dragon as Heinrich
  • Arry and Bert as Weasel Guards
  • Pufle as Rodent
  • Tillie as Berri


26 Parts:Edit